Jill Duggar Dillard’s Hospital Birth Sparks Fan Debate On C-Section

Jill Duggar Baby

Duggar family announced the arrival of Jill Dillard’s second son on Saturday. Before the news could sink in, fans and critics engaged in a raging debate over Jill’s seemingly long labor and C-section birth.

Jill Duggar gave birth in a hospital after failing to deliver following 40 hours of labor, most likely at home; Jill had said in the past she hoped to have a home birth after delivering Israel through C-section. However, baby Samuel Scott Dillard was born in the hospital, weighing well over 9 lb and measuring 22 in long. While it remains unknown at this time if Jill had an emergency C-section or if the surgery was necessary due to failed labor, many have expressed concerns over Jill Duggar attempting to deliver a child vaginally given the baby’s size and her previous birth experience.

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