Jennifer Lopez Goes From Sizzling Instagram Pics To Her ‘Yummiest’ Photo, But Who’s In New Pic With JLo?

Jennifer Lopez heats up Instagram with her sizzling photos, then posts her "yummiest" pic.

Jennifer Lopez has turned 2017 into the year of showing off her sexiest, most sultry sizzle on Instagram. Every time her fans thought that Lopez had flaunted her figure in the most revealing picture yet, J.Lo would outdo herself again. Now, after a series of Instagram photos that gave sexy a new meaning, Jennifer has shared what she termed her “yummiest” picture. But it isn’t just Lopez who’s in that “yummy” photo.

At 47, Jennifer has succeeded in keeping her figure fit and fabulous. As the Inquisitr reported, Lopez recently proved just how toned she is by going commando for her new single, “Ni Tu Ni Yo,” earning cheers from the British media for tossing away her “knickers” to flaunt her sleek physique. It was all part of her announcement of her new video for “Ni Tu Ni Yo.”

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The Inquisitr

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