What Is Adam Busby’s Job? How The OutDaughtered Dad Pays The Bills

Where does Outdaughtered's Adam Busby work

What is Adam Busby’s job? That’s the question fans of TLC’s OutDaughtered have been wondering ever since the premiere of the show that follows the lives of America’s only all-female quintuplets. And The Inquisitr is here to help you sort it all out.

As In Touch Weekly reports, the dad of the Busby clan actually has three sources of income: his day job, the money he makes from appearing on the show, and the income from his indoor cycling business. Since it’s his day job that has been something of a secret, we’ll start with that.

Like tens of millions of Americans who work a 9-5 in the corporate world, Adam Busby has a LinkedIn profile. According to his profile, he works at Intrinsic Solutions/Sprint Safety as an Account Manager. Sprint Safety’s website doesn’t really reveal much about the industry, but it appears that they manufacture industrial safety equipment. Busby sells that equipment to customers.

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