Beyonce Has Breastfeeding Struggles Too, And She’s Committed To Win For Twins Sir And Rumi

Beyonce courtside photo

Like most mothers with newborns, Beyonce is experiencing breastfeeding struggles, but she’s determined to triumph over these downsides for the sake of Rumi and Sir Carter.

A source told Hollywood Life that the “Irreplaceable” songstress was advised to feed the twins at the same time. However, she finds this challenging because there are instances when the babies aren’t hungry at the same time. As the weeks go by, Beyonce is trying a lot of methods to cope with the twins’ needs.

“It took her a long time to get the best positioning for feeding and found that a nursing pillow really helped,” said the source. “She’s committed to breastfeeding so she stuck with it. As the weeks passed it definitely became easier and the twins are finding their rhythm.”

She similarly uses a pump which allows her to take a break.

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