Duggar Family News: Jessa Duggar’s IG Shows Henry Possibly Teething, Spurgeon Swimming In Oversized Shorts

Jessa Duggar Seewald recently shared a number of candid moments with her children on her Instagram Story.

Mr. Squishels might need to take a quick trip to the Seewald family’s laundry area soon. Jessa Duggar Seewald recently updated her Instagram Story, sharing a candid video and a couple of photos featuring her two kids, Baby Henry and his big brother, Spurgeon. Needless to say, Jessa’s latest post on the social media platform is overflowing with cuteness.

Uploaded recently, the candid video and photos uploaded by Jessa were incredibly adorable. First off was Baby Henry, who was depicted in a short video clip biting and sucking the living daylights out of his favorite stuffed giraffe, Mr. Squishels. Throughout the entire clip, Henry could be seen biting the stuffed animal with much determination, before deciding to suck on Mr. Squishels’ ear instead.

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