Michelle Heaton: Ex-Liberty X Singer’s ‘Crotchy’ Cardio Drill On Instagram Splits Fans Over Racy Views

Michelle Heaton attends the National Television Awards on January 25, 2017

Michelle Heaton loves her super fit body, but the former Liberty X singer’s choice of a video camera angle to demonstrate an exercise routine on Instagram had some fans complaining about the close-up of her crotch.

Heaton is known for embracing fitness as a way of life and sharing her amped up daily regimen with fans. On Tuesday, like many times before, Michelle shared video clips of herself carrying out rigorous aerobics exercises, as Digital Spy wrote in the post.

On this particular day, she filmed herself doing a round of box jumps. The cardio activity is designed to get the “heart racing for the day” and build strength in your core.

Michelle, 37, chose tiny shorts and a low cut sports bra for the video. Her caption reads, “#workoutvideo nothing like early morning box jumps to get the heart racing for the day #fitness #FitnessMotivation #video #sweaty #cardio.”

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