Kris Jenner Poses In Sexy Bikini On Yacht In Greece

Kris Jenner Sexy Bikini

Kris Jenner will be turning 62 this November, but her body would make you think otherwise. Kris’s daughter, Khloe Kardashian, went to Instagram to share a picture of her mother taking a selfie in the mirror in a white bikini, captioned, “Kris Jenner looking like a snack! ???? I see you mommy!”

Jenner was on a trip with her boyfriend Corey Gamble in Greece. The pic was just one of many of the couple’s vacation in the south of France. She’s been sharing photos of food, hotel stays, and the views of the places she’s been traveling to.

Some of her friends like Tommy Hilfiger and celebrity designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard have been spotted on the trip with her as well. It seems like she has been having the time of her life as she looks relaxed and happy in all of her photos.

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