Caitlyn Jenner Has Never Spoken For The Transgender Community As A Transgender Woman [Opinion]

caitlyn jenner transgender

It took some time for yours truly to finally discover the main reason why Caitlyn Jenner continues to come across denser than a bag of rocks whenever she claims to speak for the transgender community as a supposed transgender woman.

And no, that’s not meant to come across as transphobic. As a gay cisgender man, I own my privilege every single second of the day and I, personally, don’t even like to refer to trans* folks as “trans* folks.”

If a man says he’s a man, then I respect that he’s a man. The same goes for women, obviously, in my opinion. Or a non-binary or whatever other gender one feels comfortable with — if that’s you and it ain’t hurting no one, go for it.

You have my support, love, and respect, first and foremost. Always.

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