Ohio State Fair: Deadly Ride Accident Blamed On ‘Excessive Corrosion’

Fire Ball

A deadly accident at the Ohio State Fair was the result of “excessive corrosion,” according to a spokesman for the ride manufacturer. As stated in the official report, the corrosion weakened an interior beam on the Fire Ball ride and ultimately caused it to break apart and crash to the ground. The devastating incident, which occurred on July 26, left a teenager dead and seven others seriously injured.

According to state records, all of the rides passed inspection on the morning of opening day. Unfortunately, one of the rides tragically malfunctioned later that same evening.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Julian Bellinger, who witnessed the devastating incident, said riders on the Fire Ball were screaming, “slow it down, it’s too fast.” However, he did not realize the ride was broken until he saw “people fall out” of their seats.

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