Roseanne Barr Raises Dan From The Dead, ‘Will & Grace’ Erase 20-Years: Revivals Take Big Chances

Dan rises from the dead, or something like that as he is signed up to play Dan on the Roseanne revival show

When Roseanne went off the air 20 years ago they burned one very big bridge on the show’s finale… Dan. It was learned that Dan had died of a heart attack during the previous Roseanne season. To make it even a bit more perplexing, a lot of what the viewers saw in the final season with the Conners became filthy rich “was all an invention of the eponymous character’s writing,” according to the A.V. Club.

With the news from ABC that a Roseanne revival is in the works, fans were surprised to see that John Goodman has signed on to play his role of Dan. With the fans of the show remembering back to his demise, they wondered just how the creators of Roseanne were going to explain this one.

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