Bizarre Developments In Chloe Ayling Kidnapping Case Have Many People Crying ‘Hoax’

Chloe Ayling kidnapping developments shoe shopping hoax

Chloe Ayling, the British model who claims she was kidnapped and drugged in Milan, has many people wondering if the whole story was a hoax as bizarre new developments come to light.

Chloe Ayling had the world talking when the story broke that she had been kidnapped and drugged in Milan.

But now, new evidence has come to light that has everyone wondering. As it turns out, the alleged kidnapping victim was seen on a shopping trip with the man she says was her captor.

The original story was that Chloe Ayling had been lured to Milan under the guise of a modeling photo shoot, but that she soon found herself kidnapped and drugged, and hidden in a suitcase with the intention of being “sold online to the highest bidder,” according to Buzzfeed.

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