Red Sox Owner Wants Yawkey Way Renamed — Another Monumental Move?

Red Sox Owner Wants Yawkey Way Renamed Because Of Its Racial History

John Henry, who is the owner of the Boston Red Sox team, has had enough of the name Yawkey, as in Yawkey Way. It is a name that haunts him and he wants to rename the iconic Yawkey Way to ease his conscience. For Henry, Yawkey Way is an “uncomfortable reminder” of a time in history.

For Henry, the name Yawkey dates back to the days of a racist past for the Boston Red Sox. It represents Tom Yawkey, who was the owner of the Red Sox back in the days when Jackie Robinson was signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers. But unlike other teams, the Boston Red Sox would not “break their own color barrier” for another dozen years after Robinson hit the Dodgers lineup, reports BoSoxInjection.

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