‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 105 Preview Analysis: Master Roshi Faces His Toughest Challenge, Is His End Near?

Master Roshi would be facing his biggest threat next week in 'Dragon Ball Super.'

Master Roshi of Dragon Ball Super can do many things, but he has one fatal weakness — his uncontrollable desire for the flesh. Unabashedly direct when it comes to hitting on attractive women, the aged fighter tends to drop his guard and lose his focus when faced with a beautiful adversary. Unfortunately for Roshi, however, his opponents next week would target this very weakness.

The short preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 105, “Brave Fight! Muten Roshi Stakes His Life!!” features scenes for next week’s installment of the popular anime franchise. True to form, Master Roshi would be meeting his toughest challenge in the Tournament of Power so far, the sultry, beautiful Universe 4 fighters, Caway and Dercori.

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