Mayweather vs. McGregor And The Modern Super Fight [Opinion]

Mayweather and McGregor at the weigh-ins.

Here we stand, mere hours away from Mayweather vs. McGregor, a fight that promoters desperately want to advertise as the veritable “fight of the century”. However, ardent patrons of both boxing and MMA generally don’t appear to be too terribly enthused about this matchup, despite its gargantuan marketing push, with a recent CNBC piece even indicating that ticket sales were sagging.

Sports fans have always gravitated toward the theoretical, constructing hypothetical confrontations between a given sport’s generational icons. Combat sports aficionados have long pondered and debated history’s most riveting potential matchups.

Every boxing fan has undoubtedly heard the Tyson vs. Ali debate, and perhaps even participated in it, arguing either in favor of the former’s destructive inside-the-pocket ferocity or the latter’s prolific elusiveness and out-boxing crispness. In 1970, the public was even treated to “The Super Fight”, a computer-generated simulation which pitted arguably the two greatest heavyweights, Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali, against one another.

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