Tesla Model 3 Owners Might Need To Say Goodbye To Ultra-Fast Autonomous Charging

The Tesla Model 3 starts at $  35,000.

With the impending arrival of the hundreds of thousands of pre-ordered Model 3 units on the road, Tesla is hard at work on expanding and improving its Supercharger network. True to the EV firm’s custom of outdoing itself every step of the way, recent patents have leaked referring to an ultra-fast charging solution that could charge Tesla’s vehicles both from a charging port and directly from a ground-based system. Unfortunately for Model 3 owners, however, this upcoming technology might be out of reach.

The ground-based charging patent was revealed in a recent report from Electrek. According to the publication, the patent, which was first filed back in 2014 and published this month, depicts a ground-mounted system that would enable Tesla vehicles to automatically charge their batteries using an external cooling system. Coupled with the power coming from a direct line to a Supercharger, the new system would enable Tesla vehicles to charge significantly faster.

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