What Happens To The Animals At Walt Disney World During A Major Hurricane? – Don’t Worry, They’re Safe

walt disney world hurricane irma animal kingdom lodge animals safety shelter

As Hurricane Irma continues to batter Florida, many are concerned about the residents, their belongings, and the animals that may be in the storm’s path. One place that has a lot of animals is Walt Disney World which has kept its park doors closed for only the fifth time in history, but that has also raised a lot of questions. Many are wondering just what Disney does with the inhabitants of Disney’s Animal Kingdom in serious storms and you have no need to worry about their well-being.

In the past, Disney has kept its parks closed during four other hurricanes and each time, they have had to take care of the animals. Not only is there the theme park where so many of them reside, but a number of them also roam the grounds at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and they must be cared for as well.

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