Tori Roloff: ‘LPBW’ Star Shares Fun Family Day With Grandpa Patton, Fans Gush Over Jackson’s Baby Rolls

Tori, Zach and Jackson Roloff pose for a family picture.

Zach, Tori and Baby Jackson Roloff recently spent a day celebrating Grandpa Patton’s birthday. In a recent Instagram post, Tori shared the special family day with her social media followers, which also doubled as Baby J’s first full day golfing. From the images and clips of the fun-filled birthday celebration, it seems like Jackson and his parents enjoyed their time immensely.

Tori has always been close with her parents, and even after she married Zach Roloff, she has still maintained a close relationship with her folks. Thus, whenever there was a special day in her family, Tori and Zach have always made it a point to be present. The same was true during Grandpa Patton’s birthday, with the LPBW family spending a full day with the Pattons.

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