A Lot More States May Need Passports For Domestic Flights Starting In 2018 – Is Your State Real ID Compliant?

passport domestic air travel flights 2018 real id act update

Earlier in the summer, it was revealed that nine states could end up needing passports for domestic air travel by January of 2018, but they are certainly working on trying to avoid that. By 2020, the Real ID Act is requiring all states to be compliant as a regular driver’s license will no longer be accepted for flights within the United States. Well, there has been a huge update on every single state regarding compliance with the Real ID Act and if you’ll need a passport to fly or not.

Now, there are a lot more states that have still not met the requirements needed to be compliant with the Real ID Act and could require passports starting next year.

A number of airports had started putting up signs in their terminals to advise travelers that starting January 18, 2018, an alternative ID would be needed for domestic flights if your ID or driver’s license was from one of these nine states:

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