Kylie Jenner Spent $70,000 On Wardrobe For Her Unborn Baby, According To Report

Kylie Jenner reportedly spend 70,000 on her baby

Kylie Jenner has spent nearly $ 70,000, give or take, on her and Travis Scott’s unborn child – or roughly one third of what it costs the average American to raise an infant to adulthood.

As In Touch Weekly reports, only the best will do for the 20-year-old first-time mom. According to an insider source close to the family, an excited Kylie has spent hours shopping online for her little girl, as well as hitting up luxury baby stores in the San Fernando Valley. So far, says the source, she’s picked up enough swag to fill an entire closet, and she has no interest in reigning it in.

“This is gonna be the best dressed kid you’ve ever seen.”

So far, reports on what, specifically, she’s been blowing her money on are few and far between. But she’s reportedly plunked down ten grand on a neon plastic sign for her “glam room.”

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