Florida Man Jeremy Main Allegedly Called Wife To Say He’d Drowned 17-Month-Old Daughter Due To Marital Strife

Florida father Jeremy Main reportedly called wife to admit to his crime after he drowned his dauther

Early Monday, Holly Main received a terrifying, life-changing phone call. According to the Florida wife and mother, the call came from her husband, 38-year-old Jeremy Main, and what he said was almost unbelievable in its horror — that he had drowned the couple’s 17-month-old daughter, Makenzie, at the family’s home. The moment she hung up the phone, Holly (Farrington) Main called local authorities, who responded to the scene.

As PEOPLE reports, first responders rushed to the Main home in Lady Lake, Florida. What they discovered when they arrived was something out of a nightmare. According to a police report, police found the toddler dead, floating face-down in the home’s master bathtub, the water bloody, her two teenage sisters (Holly Main’s biological daughters) thankfully away at school, and her father Jeremy Main nowhere to be found.

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