Pippa Middleton Goes Incognito After Wedding As Baby Rumors Swirl And Meghan Markle Readies For Engagement

Pippa Middleton after James Matthews wedding

Pippa Middleton has slowly cut back on her public life after her dream wedding to James Matthews. Since Wimbledon 2017, the 34-year-old British socialite has barely been seen. The only times that the paparazzi was able to catch her was while he was walking to-and-from engagements. With the baby rumor swirling about her and her husband, she is becoming even more incognito in her non-showy clothes and sunnies. Now that Meghan Markle is the next non-royal to get married into the Windsor family, Pippa Middleton is no longer receiving the attention she used to get.

The British socialite has gone through some changes in her appearance ever since her wedding. For one, she got a haircut that cut off her long tresses and opted for a long bob, which is much easier to take care of. Then, she started evolving her personal life so that she does not wear trendy or expensive items that set her apart from the crowd.

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