Game Boy Classic Mini Could Be The Next Item Nintendo Revives, Not The N64

Nintendo gameboy classic mini could be in the works

Nintendo started the trend for reviving its classic consoles a year ago and the next item on their list could be the Game Boy Classic Mini not the N64. While there has been no confirmation from Nintendo, a Trademark Bot revealed the company applied for a general patent for Game Boy which could be one clue on what they have in mind.

Nintendo Retro-Style Gaming Consoles

Just a year ago, Nintendo experienced smashing success when they released the Classic Mini NES. Several customers had to wait for a long time after the game consoles sold out right away.This year, Nintendo decided to revive the Super Nintendo Edition which proved to be another hit among its customers.

The SNES Classic Mini has been released for almost two weeks now but it’s still hard to find a retailer with the items on stock. During the release date, the SNES went out of stock in less than an hour.

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