iPhone X: Apple’s Face ID Just Lost A Battle Against A 10-Year-Old Boy, Here’s How He Did It

A 10-year-old boy has bypassed Apple's supposedly impenetrable Face ID on the iPhone X.

Face ID was one of Apple’s newest innovations for the iPhone X. The security feature is the said to be the most advanced of its kind. Since the release of the 10th-anniversary iPhone, many have tried to bypass the system. Most—if not all—attempts have failed. The few that have succeeded have had to go through drastic measures to bypass the security feature. However, earlier this month, Apple’s Face ID was cracked by a 10-year-old boy with little to no effort.

Fifth-grader Ammar Malik bypassed Face ID on his mother’s new iPhone X in the family’s Staten Island home, reported Wired. Sara Sherwani, Ammar’s mother, and her husband, Attaullah Malik, had just set up Face ID on their individual iPhones when their son tried accessing his mother’s phone. As expected, Ammar’s parents were quite surprised.

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