USPS Is Faking Delivery Times And Its Employees Are Not Allowed To Talk About It

USPS may have been marking packages as delivered on purpose.

USPS customers have complained about late deliveries for quite some time now. Recently, a report was published that may explain why the United States Post Service is marking its packages as delivered before they reach customers’ hands.

CBS46 in Atlanta alleged that the local USPS was marking packages as delivered on purpose. According to the news report, USPS carriers were ordered by their supervisors to scan all their Amazon packages as delivered to prevent them from being marked late.

A former post office employee told CBS46 that Amazon customers are entitled to free perks if their packages aren’t delivered by 8 p.m. the day it is due to arrive. The source chose to remain anonymous because all postal workers sign a form prohibiting them from talking to the media. It appears that the form is in effect even after a person leaves the USPS’ employ.

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