Laser-Enabled Hydrogen-Boron System Could Be Key To Developing ‘Clean’ Nuclear Reactions

Laser-enabled Hydrogen-Boron System Could Be Key To Developing 'Clean' Nuclear Fusion

A new study has detailed how a laser-driven system can create “clean” nuclear reactions by drawing energy out of a hydrogen-boron fusion. This system does not generate nuclear waste and does not require radioactive fuel, and if everything goes according to plan, a prototype reactor could be ready for use within the next 10 years.

Hydrogen-boron fusion has long been considered by scientists as a way to produce nuclear reactions without any harmful waste, as it does not produce any neutrons, thereby eliminating the possibility of radioactivity. According to Science Alert, the fact that this technique requires temperatures about 200 times hotter than our sun’s core has made it “out of reach” for researchers in the past. But as detailed in the new study published earlier this week in the journal Laser and Particle Beams, researchers were able to leverage super-strength laser bursts to generate such extreme temperatures and facilitate clean nuclear reactions by compressing hydrogen and boron nuclei.

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