Researchers Create ‘Superionic Ice’ That Combines Solid And Liquid Properties

Researchers Create 'Superionic Ice' That Combines Solid And Liquid Properties

Both Uranus and Neptune are believed to have “superionic” water ice, a peculiar form of the substance that is a mix of solid and liquid properties. While this has yet to be definitively proven, a team of scientists has come up with their own version of this ice, adding to the surprisingly complex nature of water, despite its simple chemical composition.

With two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, water is one of the simplest molecules known to man, the New York Times wrote. These atoms are arranged in a looser V-shaped setup in liquid water, but when it comes to ice, they connect to each other in a crystal lattice structure that has more space in between atoms. This explains water’s peculiar tendency to expand once frozen, which sets it apart from most other substances.

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