People Are Paying A Lot Of Money For Apple’s HomePod To Deny Orders And Stain Wood Surfaces With White Rings

apple homepod white rings reject deny orders stain wood surfaces

This is a day and age in which everyone wants a home assistant of their very own and numerous companies are attempting to make theirs the best. While a lot of people love the Echo or Google Home or Alexa, Apple is hoping that people will choose their HomePod instead. Unfortunately, not all of the reviews are overly positive as the home assistant not only rejects a lot of requests and orders, but it also could stain your wood surfaces with a white ring.

According to a report from Venture Beat, the new Apple HomePod is causing a lot of grief with consumers who say it is ruining their furniture. Using the HomePod will actually cause persistent white rings to develop on some wood furniture and it is being said that Apple is aware of this problem and has confirmed that it will happen.

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