‘Pigzilla’: A Giant Wild Boar Spotted Ravaging A Dumpster Near A School

A giant wild boar spotted searching for food in a dumpster in Hong Kong.

People spotted a massive wild boar searching for food into a dumpster outside a school in Hong Kong. The boar dubbed as “Pigzilla” was seen together with her three piglets that were eagerly waiting for a meal.

The incident filmed by Tu Dong while walking with his children to school. He posted the video on Facebook and thousands of people viewed it. The video shared over 4,700 times went viral on social media networks. The commenters also showed concerns for the welfare of the children near the school.

In the video, it shows Pigzilla standing in the garbage dumpster and grabbing a trash bag. Meanwhile, the piglets as big as dogs were seen surrounding the beast. However, the video cut off before someone could see if the wild boar has gotten a meal.

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