Sunday, 25 June 2017
| How can Peru prepare to withstand more devastating floods and landslides?

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After record rains caused $3bn worth of damage, Peru must build infrastructure to prepare for any more extreme climate events in the future

    For most Peruvians, this year’s floods have been the worst in living memory. the usual amount of rain has fallen on Peru’s coast, swelling rivers which caused widespread flooding, and triggering huge landslides which tore through shanty towns.
    More than 100 people have died, nearly 158,000 are displaced and 210,000 homes are damaged, according to . The country’s infrastructure took a big hit: 260 bridges collapsed and nearly 3,000km of roads are unusable, cutting off hundreds of villages and towns.

    People have squatted where nobody would want to live if they were not forced to by poverty

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