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Fossils cast doubt on human lineage originating in Africa

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Fossils from Greece and Bulgaria of an ape-like creature that lived 7.2 million years ago may fundamentally alter the understanding of human origins, casting doubt on the view that the evolutionary lineage that led to people arose in Africa. Scientists said on Monday the creature, known as Graecopithecus freybergi and known only from a lower jawbone and an isolated tooth, may be the oldest-known member of the human lineage that began after an evolutionary split from the line that led to chimpanzees, our closest cousins. The premolar was found in south-central Bulgaria in 2009.

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Ethiopia's Tedros becomes first African to head WHO

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Tedros Adhanom elected to head UN agency but controversy surrounds his role in Ethiopia's repressive government.

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The Latest: Leaders attack lawsuit over schools for blacks

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The Latest on a lawsuit alleging that Mississippi is breaking federal law by providing unequal schooling to black students (all times local): 12:30 p.m. Mississippi's top two elected officials are rejecting the claims of a lawsuit that accuses Mississippi of breaking federal law by providing inferior public schools to African-American students.

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Meet 10 African trailblazers

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An Egyptian micro biologist, Ugandan investigative journalist and Zimbabwean standup comedian are among the new class of 2017.

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Intra-African Trade: A Catalyst For Peace And Prosperity

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Relaxed borders in Africa and increased intra-African trade could add USD12 trillion to the global economy.

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Intra-African Trade: A Catalyst for Peace and Prosperity

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Relaxed borders in Africa and increased intra-African trade could add USD12 trillion to the global economy.

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GM to cut 600 South Africa jobs as it pulls out of country

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600 workers out of 1,500 at GM in South Africa will lose their jobs by July after the automaker decided to sell its local operations.

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​Microsoft's Middle East chief: 'Cloud, big data, IoT are only part of the story'

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In the second of two interviews, Microsoft's new president for the Middle East and Africa sets out the company's strategy in the region.

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Gambia Says Former President Jammeh Stole At Least $50 Million

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In a first anti-corruption move from Gambia, the Justice Minister came forth on Monday to describe how former ruler Yahya Jammeh stole at least $50 million from the west African country, according to Al Jazeera. Jammeh is now in exile in Equatorial Guinea after being elected out of office after 22 years in power.Justice Minister Abubacarr Tambadou described the instructions for the withdrawals between 2013 and 2017 for $50m from Gambia's central bank and state-owned Gamtel from 2013 and 2017, "We have today obtained a court order freezing or placing a temporary hold on the known assets in the country of former President Yahya Jammeh and companies directly associated with him." The court...

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Supreme Court ruling a win for voting rights advocates

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Supreme Court justices rule that Republicans in North Carolina placed too many African-Americans in two congressional districts

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