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How do alcohol and caffeine affect A-fib?

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Learn how caffeine and alcohol may affect the heart and if they are triggers for A-fib. Is it safe to consume alcohol and caffeine with A-fib?

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Moderate drinking linked to lower risk of some -- but not all -- heart conditions

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Moderate drinking is associated with a lower risk of several, but not all, cardiovascular diseases, finds a large study of UK adults. The finding that moderate drinking is not universally associated with a lower risk of all cardiovascular conditions suggests a more nuanced approach to the role of alcohol in prevention of cardiovascular disease is necessary.

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Alcohol & Heart Health: New Study Untangles the Effects

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When it comes to alcohol and heart health, the back and forth between findings can leave you feeling dizzy.

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Utah enacts lowest U.S. drunken-driving limit

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Utah Governor Gary Herbert on Thursday signed a law setting the blood alcohol limit for drunken driving at 0.05, the lowest threshold in the United States, over strong objections from the restaurant and beverage industry.


1540 Arquitectura adds cosy cellar and events terrace to tequila distillery

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Tequila-fuelled parties can be held at this social venue, created by Mexican firm Quince Cuarenta Arquitectura for a distillery in Jalisco, while quieter sampling sessions take place underneath. The Terraza Destilería is tucked away within a distillery complex in the town of Tequila, from which the popular alcoholic drink made from the local agave plant

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Harmful Cocktail: Alcohol Plus Energy Drinks May Raise Injury Risk

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People who mix alcohol with energy drinks may be at a greater risk of getting hurt while they are intoxicated than those who drink alcohol by itself.


Moderate drinking may be ‘heart healthy’ but exercise is safer

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Another study has found that drinking 14 units or less a week is linked to better cardiovascular health. But drinking alcohol for health is a risky strategy

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Calls for Eurogroup President to resign after 'drinks and women' outrage

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Eurogroup president Jeroen Dijsselbloem has come under fire for accusing southern European Union nations of having wasted money on women and alcohol


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