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GET EVENs Sounds Will React to You

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Heres something that few other games try. The psychological thriller, GET EVEN, will have an ever changing audio environment in response to the players actions. In simpler terms, GET EVENs sounds will react to you. The Farm 51 title is being scored by Olivier Deriviere, an IFMCA award-winning composer hailed as game musics eclectic daredevil.

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Music Platform Salute Offers $63,000 Lifeline To Unsigned Acts

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A new contest with a top prize equivalent to some $63,000 aims to help the next generation of music makers who are desperate for an audience, a contract and a career.

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Link-Cable Review: Danganronpa 12: Reload

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Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Why do you play video games? Is it to compete against others? Cooperate with friends? Or maybe experience a rich world? Whatever the reason, the most important reason that anyone plays a video game is to have fun and enjoy themselves. Now that doesnt mean that every game is for everyone, some games cater to different audiences with vastly different tastes and no matter how good a game is you might not enjoy it if its not something you personally find interesting. The Danganronpa series can definitely fits this bill as both games in the main series are definitely for an audience with particular tastes but if youre into whats on offer youll find one of the quirkiest and most unusual game franchises out there."

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Vodafone prepares an LTE moon shot, quite literally

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Thanks to Vodafone, the Taurus-Littrow Valley will get its first mobile phone base station next year.
It hasn't needed one up to now, as the last visitors drove through in 1972, the year before the mobile phone was invented.
Next year, though, it will get the very latest in 4G LTE coverage, when it receives a visit from two very special self-driving vehicles.
Taurus-Littrow is the landing site of Apollo 17, where humans last walked on the moon. Next year, an international group based in Berlin plans to send a mission carrying two lunar rovers to explore the site.
The group, Part Time Scientists, has been working on the project for longer than eight years and already has sponsorship and support from auto manufacturer Audi to develop the rovers.


Dell XPS 27 (7760) review: AIO with 4K display, plus impressive graphics and audio

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Like Apple's iMac, the Dell XPS 27 has now evolved from an attractively designed home PC into a professional-level graphics workstation.

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Families of Sept. 11 victims sue Saudi Arabia in U.S. court over attacks

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Hundreds of relatives of individuals killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks have sued Saudi Arabia in U.S. court, seeking to take advantage of a law passed by Congress last year that allows victims of such attacks on U.S. soil to sue state sponsors.


Saudi Arabia's Oil Supremacy Falters

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Saudi Arabia is losing its grip on big oil markets it once dominated amid a deep production cut that has reshaped global petroleum trade routes and benefited rivals like Iran, Russia and the U.S.

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Audi board to meet over recent raids, Stadler

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Top officials at Volkswagen AG's Audi division will meet next week to discuss a raid by German prosecutors on the carmaker's premises last week and the standing of its embattled CEO, following emissions violations, Reuters reported.


Handbag designer: 'I am moving manufacturing to Italy'

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Handbag designer Claudia Fürst is moving her manufacturing operation to Italy to counter the impact of the weak British pound.

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Gang Rape of Teen Was Livestreamed on Facebook, No One Called Cops

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Chicago Police are on the hunt for five or six men who live streamed on Facebook the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl to an audience of at least 40 people — none of whom said a word to law enforcement, authorities said Tuesday.


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