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Healthy Seniors Don't Need Statins: Study

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Senior citizens with no history of heart problems appear to gain no health benefit from cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, a new study suggests.People 65 and older treated with pravastatin (Pravachol) as part of a major clinical trial had about the same risk of death as...

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Preview: 50 Years Brings Speedy Strategy to Casual Gamers

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50 Years is a speedy, turn based strategy game from developer Aleksandr Golovkin. In 50 years, the player chooses a Nation that they must lead to victory over the course of, you guessed it, 50 Years. 50 Years is at heart a resource management strategy game; using Gold, Faith, Food, and Wood, the player must construct buildings and hire citizens and armed forces in order to survive as long as possible. Every turn is one year, and with each turn you earn new resources from your citizens and any bonuses you may have. Along the way you earn rewards from battle encounters, are granted unique powers through blessings, and must fight to survive against frequent waves of invaders.

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Manchester City players visit local fans to thank them for their support (VIDEO)

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A classy move from the Citizens. In order to mark the end of a difficult season in the Premier League which saw Pep Guardiola finish a campaign without a trophy for the first time in his managerial career, Manchester City players decided to hit the streets of Manchester and surprise unsuspecting fans and thank them ...]

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Death Threats May Prompt NBA's Kanter to Become US Citizen

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Oklahoma City center Enes Kanter said Monday he routinely received death threats for criticizing the government of his native Turkey, and he may seek an expedited process toward becoming a U.S. citizen.

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Protesters Set Fire To Hugo Chavez's Childhood Home in Venezuela

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On Monday in western Venezuela, Protesters took their message against the socialist government to the next level by setting late President Hugo Chavez's childhood home on fire, according to The Associated Press. "It is pretty symbolic that the citizens are venting their frustrations on the author of the Bolivarian revolution," said Eric Farnsworth, vice president of the Council of the Americas. Protests have already destroyed several statues that commemorate Chavez, who was the founder of Venezuela's "Bolivarian revolution" and mentor to current President Nicolas Maduro who has led the country into triple-digit inflation. In Barinas protesters lit the house along with several government...

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SAP has designs on new government business

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Steve Ballmer's latest hobby, , cast a spotlight on the effectiveness of local, state and federal governments when it launched in April. Its easy-to-read dashboards allow ordinary citizens to compare government's performance of its core missions with spending at all levels.
In a roundabout way, that's made the former Microsoft CEO something of an evangelist for companies like SAP, which has released a new cloud service to help public sector organizations manage their spending.
USAfacts and OpenGov, a young company offering financial reporting, budgeting and publishing tools for the public sector, are stirring interest in ERP tools for government, and that's creating opportunities for SAP to get involved in the sales cycle, according to Darren Koch, SAP's chief product officer for small and medium-size businesses. 

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Oklahoma City Thunder's Enes Kanter to consider becoming U.S. citizen amid death threats

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Oklahoma City center Enes Kanter said Monday he routinely received death threats for criticizing the government of his native Turkey, and he may seek an expedited process toward becoming a U.S. citizen.

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Star Citizen is said to be delayed indefinitely - Maybe its not as bad as it sounds?

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Im hoping that this isnt as bad as it looks, because just recently Techspot published an article that stated that "Star Citizen" has been put back indefinitely. Well, here's my (Justin Easler, TGG) thoughts on the matter.

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Citizens give up data in blockchain project to improve cities

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The DECODE project will give residents of Barcelona and Amsterdam more control over how their personal data is harnessed by local government and businesses

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Medicaid cuts coming in Trump budget: Washington Post

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U.S. President Donald Trump's budget proposal, set to be unveiled on Tuesday, will include cuts to Medicaid and propose changes to other assistance programs for low-income citizens, the Washington Post reported on Sunday.

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