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Urban Water Atlas for Europe: 360° view on water management in cities

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On 27 April 2017, the European Commission published the Urban Water Atlas for Europe. The publication – the first of its kind – shows how different water management choices, as well as other factors such as waste management, climate change and even our food preferences, affect the long-term sustainability of water use in our cities.

Winemakers lose billions of dollars every year due to natural disasters

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Every year, worldwide wine industry suffers losses of more than ten billion US dollars from damaged assets, production losses, and lost profits due to extreme weather events and natural disasters. A multidisciplinary team examined the extent to which regions are affected by the risks and how climate change influences wine industry.

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Ocean warming to cancel increased CO2-driven productivity

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Researchers have constructed a marine food web to show how climate change could affect our future fish supplies and marine biodiversity.

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Trump Might Not Believe In The Risks Of Climate Change - But Investors Do And They Are Taking Action

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Most large investors now recognise the risks that climate change creates and the opportunities that are available in the move to a low-carbon economy. The next step is to integrate this recognition into their investment strategies.


Bill Nye Considers 'Climate Impact' Tax on Large Families

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Scientist Bill Nye and a panelist on his Netflix show discussed penalizing families for having "extra kids" because of their claimed effect on climate change.According to The Daily Caller, Tuesday's episode of "Bill Nye Saves The Earth" included a segment that was...


Climate Change Altering the Arctic Faster Than Expected

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Evidence continues to mount that climate change has pushed the Arctic into a new state.


Earth's Mantle Could Suck Up Carbon from the Air

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Earth's mantle produces rocks that could naturally suck up carbon emissions, providing a strategy for checking climate change if necessary emissions cuts don't occur.


Some Scientists Marched For “Culture Change” Than Against Climate Change And Anti-Science Trump Administration

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Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling “The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he’s one who asks the right questions.” – Claude Levi-Strauss Immersed into an unhurried and attentive society, which also included observation and reflection, Charles Darwin spent decades developing his theory of evolution and natural selection. What’s more, he didn’t start out with a predisposed hypothesis backed either by a corporation or political agenda but was driven by curiosity and a sense of wonder. Most Dangerous Blind Spot Might Be Culture Change Although Climate Change is a pressing issue, some scientists think a more urgent one is our collective blind spot: Culture Change....

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Canada Aims For A Fleet Of Small Modular Nukes

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Canada is looking to fill their looming energy gap and address climate change by building a fleet of new small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) over the next 20 years. SMRs offer what we’ve always wanted – an economic, flexible, shippable reactor that cannot meltdown with waste that's easy to handle


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