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Trump's critical Cuba policy

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Russia and China are battling for influence in Havana just as the Trump administration considers undoing Obama's historic opening to Cuba. Here's why that would hurt U.S. national security.


Accelerator vs. Incubator: Which Is Right for You?

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Most startups could benefit from being in an incubator, but fewer are a fit for an accelerator.

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U.S. lawmakers reintroduce bill to end restrictions on Cuba travel

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A bipartisan group of U.S. senators reintroduced legislation on Thursday to repeal all restrictions on travel to Cuba, this time attracting far more co-sponsors in a sign of growing support for U.S.-Cuban detente even as its future looks uncertain.


Trump didn't let Sean Spicer meet the pope even though he really wanted to

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The Trumps and some White House officials met with Pope Francis on Wednesday, but one figure was notably missing: Sean Spicer. And apparently, he's pretty upset about it. A source close to the White House told CNN that Spicer not being brought along to the meeting was "a slight," and that to meet Papa Francesco was "all he wanted." SEE ALSO: James Comey once pulled a Sean Spicer to avoid Trump Granting the one thing Spicer wanted was, uhh, just not on Trump's mind we guess.  Though he did manage to bring along Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, in addition to Jared and Ivanka.  Jared and I were honored to join the President @realDonaldTrump and First Lady @FLOTUS in meeting His Holiness Pope Francis #POTUSAbroad — Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) May 24, 2017 In a shocking turn of events, people really felt for Spicey! If the man wants to meet the pope, just let him! @dave_brown24 @jenniferemorrow — Andrew Miller (@heyapm) May 24, 2017 Ok, not everyone did. @dave_brown24 Karma — samslackey (@samslackey) May 24, 2017 Of course, it was pretty in character for Trump to block him in the first place.  @dave_brown24 SPICER: So will I get to meet the pope at least?TRUMP: Is the Pope Catholic?[narrator voice] it turned out Trump was actually asking — Linguica (@andrewrstine) May 24, 2017 Surely Spicey will have a second chance at a papal visit, right? Right, guys?? WATCH: Scuba dive tankless with this floating air caddie

Overpriced garbage from Trump's estate we could sell to offset his budget cuts

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President Trump has unveiled his first major budget proposal, allowing Americans to finally take a break from the nonstop political scandals and focus their attention on something far more familiar: human cruelty. What a relief! The president's budget proposes deep cuts to Medicaid, food stamps and pretty much every other program that helps humans not named Donald Trump. Mick Mulvaney, Trump's budget director, justified the cuts by decrying the country's terrible budget deficit and insisting that not supplying struggling people with federal assistance is somehow compassionate. Still, there's a far easier way the administration could fill in the gaps: They could sell the president's shit. SEE ALSO: How to style your vagina so it's no longer a pre-existing condition Of course, the president would really have a crisis on his hands if the budget had any hope of passing — as economists have repeatedly stressed, the projected economic growth it relies on to offset its high tax cuts and reduced spending is a fantasy.  @RegularBlack_ @AdaJackson5 Yeah a real regular Joe  — John Moreland (@thaneofcawdor8) January 26, 2017 The cuts Trump are proposing are so deep, his oversized assets alone couldn't save the country.  Selling Trump's crap could nonetheless make an impact in the lives of millions. Let's do it without his consent. 1. Sell his dumb $7 million gold walls and help approximately 4,107 low-income families eat for a year SubtleImage: Getty ImagesThe poorest Americans receive approximately $1,704 per year from the federal government in the form of SNAP benefits, otherwise known as food stamps. If Trump simply melted down the gold in the ballroom at Mar-a-Lago, he could help more than 4,000 struggling families eat for a year.  In lieu of that, Trump has proposed $191 billion in cuts to the program over the next ten years. Nice! 2. Auction his $10 million Renoir painting and help around 1,537 people keep their health insurance Do you really think this lady wants to live in Palm Beach?Image: WikimediaI'll gladly print out a copy of "La Loge" on my office printer and hand it to Trump, if that means he'll sell the reproduction and use the funds to help save 1,537 people from disease or much worse. The federal government spends an average of $6,502 on Medicaid reimbursements per enrollee annually. Logically, the Trump administration is planning to cut $880 billion from Medicaid because living is now a luxury good. 3. Sell $3 million worth of horrifying antiques and help protect close to 3,963 of the poorest kids in America from disease and possibly death Trump amongst a pile of his crap in 1987Image: The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty ImagesThe federal government spends approximately $757 for every child enrolled in CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) in New York. Trump plans to cut funding for the program by 20% over the next few fiscal years. He could save some of those kids by actually protecting the program's funding. OR he could sell some of his gilded lamps and donate the proceeds to this population directly, even though half of those kids probably hate him after reading this budget.  4. Donate the earnings from 22 memberships to Mar-a-Lago and give about 498 people disability benefits for the year  Grand ol' party having a grand ol' time, I guessImage: brooks kraft/Getty ImagesThe federal government is projected to spend $8,830.84 per Supplemental Security Income enrollee in 2017. SSI protects individuals who are prevented from working because of a disability.  Trump, meanwhile, charges $200,000 per membership at Mar-a-Lago.  The president is planning to slash disability benefits by $72 billion. He could protect their funding or at least donate the money from a few memberships. Alas, he will do neither. 6. Melt down his four gold plated sinks and protect 341 people from sliding into further poverty The Earned Income Tax Credit provides $293 on average annually to single low-income adults. Trump has four gold-plated sinks worth $100,000 in total that, if sold, could help around 341 struggling adults from falling deeper into poverty for a year. That still wouldn't come close to the $40.4 billion the budget cuts over 10 years. So ... maybe just don't do that? 7. Put Mar-a-Lago on the market and keep around 28,409 people in their homes for a year Mar-a-Lago is one of the best places in the world to get a deadly sunburnImage: evan agostini/Getty ImagesThe Department of Housing and Urban House spends approximately $880 per month, per household to keep struggling families in their homes. Trump, whose Mar-a-Lago estate is worth around $300 million, could sell his estate and protect close to 28,409 people.  Instead, he's choosing to slash HUD's budget by $6.2 billion. Good job! 8. Sell his $100 million penthouse and help keep 3,079 homeless people off the street for about seven months Living like a king! Inside #DonaldTrump's Trump Tower penthouse apartment, New York City. — Mike Sington (@MikeSington) March 15, 2016 If Trump sold his $100 million New York penthouse, he could use the funds to help keep some homeless folks in shelter. It costs the federal government approximately $4,819 per person, per month to shelter homeless individuals.  Unsurprisingly, he's choosing to do neither and has instead selected the far more familiar evil route.  9. Go to Mar-a-Lago less and protect the National Endowment for the Arts instead It costs the government up to $3.6 million every time Trump decides to travel to Mar-a-Lago.  In 2016, the NEA received a miniscule $148 million in federal funding. Trump could simply watch TiVo at home and donate those savings to the NEA. Alas, he's choosing to do neither and want instead to eliminate their budget entirely.  10.  Sell Jared and give his $241 million to cancer research Image: ron sachs-pool/Getty ImagesHonestly, does anyone like Jared at this point? The kid's net worth is an appalling $241 million. Trump doesn't need to cut $1 billion in funding to the National Cancer Institute like he's planning to. The president should just sell Jared to the highest bidder and use the proceeds to offset the cost of cancer research. Problem solved. WATCH: Scuba dive tankless with this floating air caddie

Cuban revolution

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As the internet becomes more widespread in Cuba, online start-ups are emerging. But challenges remain.

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News: Expedia to offer Cuban properties through global platforms

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Expedia has announced travellers can now book hotels in Cuba on its global points of sale. The destination continues to generate interest as a hot destination among traveller; its ministry of tourism reported more than four million foreign visitors in 2016, with the biggest increase in visitor numbers from the US.

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Kempinski Opens First Five-star Luxury Hotel in Cuba

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Cuba's first ultra luxury hotel opened its doors Monday, May 22 in Havana. The Gran Hotel Mazana Kempinski La Habana features 246 rooms and suites and is located within the historic Manzana de Gómez building in the heart of Old Havana - a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Celebrity Moto-Journalist to Lead Cuba Motorcycle Tours

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Arizona-based motorcycle tour company, RTW Moto Tours is tapping into Americans’ newfound fascination with Cuba by launching a series of motorcycle adventures in Cuba this winter using modern BMWs and Harley-Davidsons.


Florida's Sunset Key Offers Cuba Day Trips

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Sunset Key Cottages, the exclusive island resort just off Key West, will offer day trips to Cuba beginning June 1, 2017.

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