Tuesday, 28 March 2017
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[In Depth] New Zealand temblor points to threat of compound quakes

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A reassuring rule of thumb about earthquakes is breaking down. For decades, seismologists had assumed that individual faults—as well as isolated segments of longer faults—rupture independently of one another. That limits the maximum size of the potential earthquake that a fault zone can generate. But the magnitude-7.8 earthquake that struck New Zealand just after midnight on 14 November 2016—among the largest in the islands' modern history—has reduced that thinking to rubble. According to a new study, published online this week in Science, the heavy shaking in the Kaikoura quake was amassed by ruptures on at least 12 different faults, in some cases so far apart that they were thought to be immune to each other's influence. Author: Betsy Mason

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| The bangs, crackles and hums of Earth's seismic orchestra

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Study gets to the bottom of ‘musical symphony’ produced in regions prone to mega-quakes as scientists work toward better quake hazard forecasting
You are at a classical music concert. There is an orchestra with three main sections. High up at the back, the percussion section has one very loud, large and moody-looking drum that gets struck very rarely. A handful of triangles produce occasional quieter “tings”. Further down, in the middle, there is a small band of violinists, but they are playing the strings so slowly the audience can barely hear them. Down at the front, a family of double bass instruments produces low-pitched, gentler hums from time to time.
This somewhat unconventional orchestra is like a type of tectonic plate boundary known as a subduction zone. Subduction zones delineate the battle lines between the collision of two titanic tectonic plates. Yet, this encounter is rather one-sided. One plate firmly stands its ground; the other sinks into the depths of the Earth. The grinding and sliding of these two plates produces a musical concert that can be detected by sensitive geophysical instruments and by humans during large quakes. The shallow parts of subduction plate boundaries can produce devastating mega-earthquakes with magnitude eight or greater (like the giant drum in the percussion section). In the tens to hundreds of years between these massive quakes, scientists eagerly listen to the signals at subduction zones to estimate whether the plate boundary fault is primed for a future quake, and to forecast what a rupture may look like.

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Moderate earthquake shakes Myanmar's biggest city; 1 injured

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A moderate earthquake shook Myanmar's largest city, Yangon, on Monday night, injuring at least one person and damaging some temples, officials said

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CRUST adds new layer of defense against earthquakes, tsunamis

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The first computer model to simulate the whole chain of events triggered by offshore mega subduction earthquakes could reduce losses to life and property caused by disasters like the huge earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan six years ago.

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Moderate earthquake shakes Myanmar's biggest city

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A moderate earthquake has shaken Myanmar's largest city, Yangon, but there are no immediate reports of serious damage or casualties

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Are we seeing the dawn of a new age of fascism?

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The aftershocks are continuing to reverberate from the political earthquakes of 2016. The seismic events of last year, culminating in the election victory of US President Donald Trump, have generated saturation coverage and acres of commentary. There...

2017 forecast: Significant chance of earthquake damage in the Central and Eastern US

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A one-year seismic hazard model for 2017 from the US Geological Survey, forecasts lower damaging ground shaking levels in the central and eastern US compared to the previous forecast, in areas where there have been numerous earthquakes induced by wastewater disposal from industrial activities. Despite the recent drop in earthquake rates, Oklahoma and southern Kansas still face a significant risk of induced earthquake damage in 2017.

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Oklahoma faces continued risk of quakes linked to drilling: USGS

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Parts of Oklahoma and Kansas are likely to experience damaging earthquakes as a result of oil and gas industry activity in 2017, the U.S. Geological Survey said on Wednesday in its second annual forecast of natural and human-caused seismic risk.

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Quakes rock area of Indonesian province devastated in Dec

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JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Two earthquakes rocked an area of Indonesia's Aceh province devastated by a quake in December, damaging houses and causing injuries.

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Italy asks EU aid as cost of quakes hits 23 bn euros

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A series of deadly earthquakes that struck central Italy over the past six months has cost the country more than 23 billion euros ($24.3 billion), the nation's Civil Protection Agency said Wednesday. The agency's report has been sent to Brussels as part of Italy's request to tap the EU Solidarity Fund to help pay for recovery efforts. The estimate includes damage to homes and other privately-owned buildings, totalling 12.9 billion euros, and 1.1 billion euros of damage to public buildings.

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