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Airport facial recognition: Could it spell the beginning of the end for passports?

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​Like several airlines, Finnair is testing facial recognition on passengers at airport check-ins but its approach in Helsinki differs subtly from the others.


How new technologies aid diagnosis of disorders

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Facial recognition and other cutting-edge apps can help physicians get treatment to their patients more quickly


New report details one of the iPhone 8’s most hotly anticipated features

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With good reason, the most anticipated feature the iPhone 8 will bring to the table is a radical new redesign featuring an edge to edge OLED display. But with the iPhone 8 display hogging the headlines, it's easy to forget that Apple's next-gen iPhone will bring a lot of compelling features to the table, including advanced 3D sensors capable of best-in-class facial recognition.

Echoing previous reports, that LG Innotek has been tapped to supply the iPhone 8's 3D camera sensors.
The report said the company’s new facility investment worth 269.7 billion won (US$238.50 million) that was announced on April 27 will be dedicated to Apple’s orders. The initial deal size is estimated at about 200 billion won.
According to the report, Apple's implementation of 3D cameras will have a number of varied use-cases, including gaming and facial recognition. And while the iPhone 8 won't be the first smartphone to feature facial recognition, there's reason to believe that Apple's implementation will be the best we've seen to date. Facial recognition on Samsung's S8, for example, only uses "2D technology" and can readily be fooled.
Remember, Apple earlier this year acquired an Israeli company called Realface, an innovative startup with really advanced and impressive facial recognition software. In fact, Realface's technology is so advanced that it reportedly secure enough to be used for biometric authentication, an important tidbit given how easy it's been to fool facial recognition systems on other handsets.
While it's unclear how much of Realface's technology will end up on the iPhone 8, the company previously boasted that its advanced software makes use of incredibly reliable deep learning methods capable of delivering unrivaled performance almost instantly. Specifically, Realface boasts that it's software is able to recognize faces with a 99.67% success rate, which believe it or not, is actually higher than the 97.5% success rate humans are capable of.
All in all, the iPhone 8 is shaping up to be the biggest leap forward in iPhone technology we've seen in years, and perhaps ever. With an edgeless OLED display and advanced facial recognition, not to mention improved battery life and support for augmented reality, it stands to reason that the iPhone 8 will anchor the most sweeping iPhone refresh Apple has seen to date.
And for those curious, below is a demo of Realface's technology in action.

Men and women show equal ability at recognizing faces

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Despite conventional wisdom that suggests women are better than men at facial recognition, psychologists found no difference between men and women in their ability to recognize faces and categorize facial expressions.

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News: Finnair to launch facial recognition technology at Helsinki Airport

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Finnair and Finavia, together with Futurice, will test the use of face recognition technology for the check-in process of Finnair flights at Helsinki Airport.


The security Apple uses to prevent iPhone leaks is just crazy

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Last month, NYU grad student Dejian Zeng gave us an inside look at what it's like inside an iPhone manufacturing plant. The world inside the walls is a little different to how people might imagine: long days, tedious work, and an army of workers who live in cramped company-owned dorms.
But one thing that only got a passing mention was the security that Pegatron, Apple's assembly partner, uses to keep products hidden. Manufacturing has to start months in advance of a product release, and it's always an intricate game between Apple and leakers to try and keep factory components secret.

, Zeng described the security procedures taken inside the factory, which changed depending on which device he was working on:
We have a locker room. That’s where workers changed their clothes, put their phones, their keys, all their metals. We need to swipe our card, and they have facial recognition. After you get in, you wait in line to go through a metal detector. But that was during the time that I was producing iPhone 6s. When I was producing iPhone 7, they increased their security level. There were two metal detectors in the factories, and they also increased the sensitivity of it. Like, for example, some girls have some bras that have metals in it. All of a sudden, on that specific day, they couldn’t pass the security door, and they needed to go back and change everything. Inside the factories, any kind of metal is not allowed. So I don’t think anybody can bring a camera or something like that inside of the factories.
Zeng says that even managers, who are allowed to bring phones into the factory, have to prove to security that they're not trying to smuggle a phone out.
Despite the best efforts, components do routinely still leak. The most notorious Apple leak of all time happened right before the iPhone 4 launch, when an Apple engineer accidentally left a prototype in a bar, where it was found and sold to Gizmodo.

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Police to use facial recognition at Champions League final

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Welsh police plan to use facial recognition on fans at the Champions League final.


Selfies could make election voting 'more accessible', app makers say

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Newsbeat gets an exclusive demonstration of a new app that uses facial recognition technology, to allow people to register for elections and cast a vote.


Apple has started preparing for crazy iPhone 8 sales

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Apple has placed an order for 70 million OLED screens from Samsung, according to a new . The gargantuan order further underscores Apple's belief that the iPhone 8 -- rumored to be the only device in Apple's 2017 iPhone lineup with an OLED display -- will be incredibly popular. What's more, the report adds that Samsung is planning to manufacture 95 million OLED screens for Apple just in case demand for the device is even higher than anticipated.

Word of Apple's massive OLED order comes from IHS Markit director David Hsieh, who adds that Samsung will be Apple's lone OLED supplier this year. Indeed, word recently surfaced that Samsung is planning to spend $9 billion on expanding its OLED production capabilities for this cycle.
While Apple is reportedly planning to release an iPhone 7s and 7s Plus this year, there's no denying that Apple's upcoming iPhone 8, which may very well be called the iPhone Edition, will be the star of the show.
In addition to featuring a brand new edge-to-edge design with an OLED display, Apple's flagship device is also said to feature improved battery life, wireless charging capabilities, a much-improved processor, improved water resistance, improved camera technology and more. Indeed, we're starting to see more and more evidence pointing towards the iPhone 8 incorporating a slew of 3D camera sensors that will presumably be used for facial recognition and augmented reality features.
Nikkei adds:
The person says that at least one model will carry a 3-D sensor that allows facial recognition as part of new biometric features. The premium handset will have no home button while the other two will retain the feature, the person says.
As for how the lack of a home button will impact Touch ID, there is speculation that Apple has managed to incorporate the Touch ID sensor into the display itself.
All that said, it stands to reason that the iPhone 8 will anchor the biggest iPhone refresh cycle Apple has ever seen. To this point, analysts Jeffrey Kvaal and Gregory McNiff a few months back issued a note claiming that Apple will be able to sell upwards of 80 million iPhones during the 2017 holiday quarter alone.

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