Wednesday, 26 April 2017
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Russian hackers use OAuth, fake Google apps to phish users

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The Russian hacking group blamed for targeting U.S. and European elections has been breaking into email accounts, not only by tricking victims into giving up passwords, but by stealing access tokens too. 
It's sneaky hack that's particularly worrisome, because it can circumvent Google's 2-step verification, according to security firm Trend Micro. 
The group, known as or Pawn Storm, has been carrying out the attack with its favored tactic of sending out phishing emails, Trend Micro said in a Tuesday. 


Old Windows Server machines can still fend off hacks. Here's how

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If you're running a Windows Server 2003 machine, you have a problem. Your already-vulnerable computer is now at severe risk of being hacked.
That's due to the internet release earlier this month of a batch of updates that  on computers running Windows Server 2003, according to security researchers.
“I can teach my mom how to use some of these exploits,” said Jake Williams, founder of Rendition Infosec, a security provider. “They are not very complicated at all.”
Experts are urging affected businesses to upgrade to the latest Windows OSes, which offer that can address the threat.


Researchers: Russia-Linked Hackers Targeted Macron Campaign

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Researchers with the Japanese anti-virus firm Trend Micro say the campaign of French presidential front-runner Emmanuel Macron has been targeted by Russia-linked hackers, adding more details to previous suggestions that the centrist politician was being singled out for...


Macron Campaign Hit by Hackers With Possible Russian Links

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The campaign of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron was targeted by hackers who have been linked to Russia, says security firm Trend Micro.


Report: French Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron Targeted By Hackers

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Security experts are pointing the finger of blame at Russian hackers whom they say are targeting French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron's campaign, BBC News reported Tuesday. Phishing emails, malware and fake net domains were all being used as attack techniques. – Trend Micro’s Feike Hacquebord, security company expert The Russian hackers are said to be part of the same group that targeted the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, the report said. Russia has strenuously denied it is behind the attacks aimed at Macron, BBC News reported. Hacquebord said the group behind the "aggressive" attacks was a collective of Russian hackers known widely as Fancy Bear, APT28 and Pawn Storm, the report...

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Hyundai Mobile App Patched for Car Hacking VulnerabilitiesHyundai Mobile App Patched for Car Hacking Vulnerabilities

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Security firm Rapid7 discloses flaws in Hyundai Motor America's Blue Link mobile app that could have potentially enabled a hacker to attack a vehicle.

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Russian hackers targeting Macron, say cyber experts

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French presidential frontrunner hit by group that hacked Clinton campaign, report says


Russian hackers 'target' presidential candidate Macron

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High-tech techniques were used to trick staff into handing over login names, say experts


Teenage cyber hacker Adam Mudd jailed for global attacks

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Adam Mudd hacked gaming sites including Xbox Live and Runescape to earn money, a court hears.


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