Wednesday, 26 April 2017
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IBM Watson Thinks Its Way to Factory FloorIBM Watson Thinks Its Way to Factory Floor

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New Augmented Intelligence/AI Assistant for Manufacturing solution enables factory inspectors to bring new levels of efficiency to manufacturing processes.

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How IBM can step away from the abyss

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If Big Blue still has a future, it's in Cloud.

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IBM applies AI to factory QA

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IBM's Watson artificial intelligence technology has found plenty of white-collar work in places like hospitals and banks, but soon it will be off to get its hands dirty on the factory floor.
Working with ABB, a maker of industrial plant, IBM has developed a new AI assistant to help factory workers spot manufacturing defects on the production line.
Connected to an existing industrial monitoring system, ABB Ability, it will help manufacturers improve speed, yield, and uptime, according to ABB.
The Cognitive Visual Inspection system, as IBM calls it, pipes images from a UHD (ultra-high-definition) camera to an instance of IBM's Watson software that has been trained to detect and classify production faults in real time.


How just 30 machines beat a warehouse-sized supercomputer to set a new world record

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IBM and Nvidia demonstrate the massively parallel processing ability of GPUs for certain tasks.

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IBM-Nvidia Servers Achieve High-Performance Computing Milestone In Oil Industry

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A tiny reservoir simulation software company has beat oil giant Exxon Mobil in more efficiently running a billion cell model of a reservoir.

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IBM launches Cognitive Visual Inspection system for manufacturers

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The manufacturing inspection process is an ideal use case for Watson's strong visual recognition capabilities, IBM says.

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New IBM Cloud service uses Watson to generate video metadata

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The service is designed to help media companies and advertisers better target their video content.


IBM launches Watson cognitive marketing service

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IBM Watson Marketing Insights will use behavioral analytics to give marketers an edge in targeted campaigns.

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IBM's five years of falling revenues have left it smaller than Apple, Microsoft and Google

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IBM has just recorded its 20th consecutive quarter of declining year-on-year revenues. Now it has been overtaken by upstart Google, and it isn't even keeping up with Microsoft, let alone Apple. What could have been the first trillion-dollar company may never see $100 million again....


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