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Ohio governor's website restored after pro-Islamic State hacking

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Nearly a dozen Ohio state websites, including Governor John Kasich's, were up and running again on Monday, a day after hackers posted messages of support for the Islamic State on their homescreens.

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Inside ISIS militants' fast-shrinking terror capital

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CBS News is with U.S.-backed forces in vicious battle to reclaim Raqqa, the epicenter of the so-called Islamic State

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Mosul battle to end in days as troops advance in Old City: Iraqi general

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The battle to take full control of Mosul from Islamic State will be over in a few days and an attempted fight-back by the militants failed, an Iraqi general told Reuters on Monday.

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If Baghdadi is dead, next IS leader likely to be Saddam-era officer

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If Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is confirmed dead, he is likely to be succeeded by one of his top two lieutenants, both of whom were Iraqi army officers under late dictator Saddam Hussein. Experts on Islamist groups see no clear successor but regard Iyad al-Obaidi and Ayad al-Jumaili as the leading contenders, though neither would be likely to assume Baghdadi's title of "caliph", or overall commander of Muslims. Russia's defense ministry said last week Baghdadi may have been killed in an air strike in Syria and Interfax news agency quoted a senior Russian parliamentarian on Friday as saying the likelihood that he had been killed was close to 100 percent.

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Mosul celebrates first Eid without Islamic State in years

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People in the Iraqi city of Mosul celebrated their first Muslim Eid holiday without Islamic State in years on Sunday after the militants were ejected from much of the city, and hoped the battle to recapture the remaining area would soon be over.

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Gov't websites in Ohio hacked with pro-IS message

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Several government websites in the U.S. state of Ohio were apparently hacked Sunday to broadcast an anti-government and pro-Islamic State message, local media reported. ......

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Amnesty for militants in Syria's Raqqa aims to promote stability

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A civil council expected to rule Raqqa once Islamic State is dislodged from the Syrian city pardoned 83 of the jihadist group's low-ranking militants on Saturday, a goodwill gesture designed to promote stability. The U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have gained significant ground in the battle for Raqqa, the operational base for Islamic State over the past three years and a symbol of its self-proclaimed caliphate. Senior SDF figures predict Raqqa could fall within months.

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Iran arrests Islamic State-linked group planning attacks: state TV

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Iranian security forces have arrested members of a group linked to Islamic State which had planned bombings and suicide attacks in religious centers, state television reported on Saturday. Intelligence Ministry agents "were able to arrest a group linked to Daesh (Islamic state) that intended to carry out terror operations in religious cities ..., and (seized) explosive and suicide attack equipment," the television said. The arrests came days after Iranian Revolutionary Guards fired missiles from western Iran into eastern Syria, aiming at bases of the Islamic State which had claimed responsibility for twin attacks that killed 18 people in Tehran on June 7.

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Iraqi forces say major Islamic State attack blocked outside old city of Mosul

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Iraq's armed forces blocked a major wave of attacks by Islamic State suicide bombers outside the Old City of Mosul on Sunday, a military statement said. The attacks targeted Hay al-Tanak, a poor neighborhood west of the Old City, the last stronghold of the militants in Mosul. It is the first wave of attacks reported outside the Old City since the battle to capture the historic district from Islamic State started a week ago.

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Iraqi forces free hundreds of civilians in Mosul Old City battles as death toll mounts

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Iraqi forces opened exit routes for hundreds of civilians to flee the Old City of Mosul on Saturday as they battled to retake the quarter from Islamic State militants mounting a last stand in what was the de facto capital of their self-declared caliphate. U.S.-trained urban warfare units were channeling their onslaught along two perpendicular streets that converge in the heart of the Old City, aiming to isolate the jihadist insurgents in four pockets. The week-old battle in the Old City is turning into the deadliest of the eight-month U.S.-backed campaign to take back the northern city, which fell to the militants in June 2014.

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