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Rumor: Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Tease and What We Know

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The rumor mill is churning up on Capcom's newest release, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite after a press conference in Germany.

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Review: Ultimate MARVEL Vs Capcom 3 Movies Games and Tech

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Movies Games and Tech writes: The biggest disappointment for me in 2016 was Street Fighter V. The series was a foundation to my love of video games and especially fighting games but the latest entry felt like an insult to the series with how it was launched and managed afterwards. I really wanted and needed something to come along and bring back my faith in Capcom fighters. So when it was announced that one of the best 2D fighting games was to be remastered and released, well let me just say that the trailer alone gave me goosebumps!

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Miley Cyrus Voices Robot in Guardians of the Galaxy Sequel

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Miley Cyrus was asked to voice a character in 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2'.
The fantasy film's director James Gunn has admitted he reached out to the American pop star in the hope she would accept his offer to be included in the film adaptation of the Marvel comic and provide the voice over in one of the five post-credit sequences, with the potential for her to go on to "bigger things" with the franchise in the future.
Speaking at the London premiere on Monday (24.04.2017), Gunn said: "It's not a rumour. I've substantiated it.
"I called her up and asked her if she would do it and it could be a potential bigger part in the future. I did it that way.
"She knows that there's a chance that her character may go on and become a bigger thing. That's a possibility."
The 24-year-old singer caught the attention of Gunn after her appearance on the talent contest 'The Voice', which made him cast Miley as alien warrior Mainframe.
Gunn said: "I was watching 'The Voice' and I thought she's so likable and her voice is awesome, she's got the best voice.
"And then I asked Kevin Feige what do you think about casting Miley Cyrus as the voice of Mainframe?
"He was like well if you think we can get her... and I got her to do it."
However, Gunn has revealed Miley's character in the franchise will be different from the comics because it was not as well known, which leaves him more scope to develop the figure.
He said: "Mainframe is barely a character in the comic. My concept of who Mainframe could be is actually pretty far out.
"I didn't know Mainframe from the comic, so I knew Miley Cyrus wouldn't."
Gunn has confirmed he is set to return to write and direct 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3' in the future, although he has kept more details of the 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker's role in the upcoming film.


Blooming marvellous!

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Following years of drought, California's deserts have erupted with a "super bloom" of wildflowers visible even from space.


Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series: Tangled Up in Blue - Review | Sirus Gaming

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Carlo wrote: "While the game borrows heavily from the movie version of the Guardians of the Galaxy, this game exists in its very own separate universe. Events in the game do not match up with the direction of where the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is heading and moments from the movies have been ignored like Peter not knowing who the Collector is even though he met him in the movie."

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New Screens Issued for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

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EB: Capcom has released a batch of new screenshots for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, which also got an official release date today.

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Chris Pratt Wants to Extend His Marvel Contract

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While Chris Pratt wouldn't say how many movies he has left on his Marvel contract, he makes it clear he wants to keep working with the studio.

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Brie Larson Wasn't Sure About Captain Marvel Role

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It took Brie Larson quite a long time to finally decided Captain Marvel was the right role for her to take on.


Eight new characters confirmed for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

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Capcom has announced eight new characters for its crossover fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite - and a 19th September 2017 release date.

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Mike Colter Talks Luke Cage, Marvel’s Defenders – and Having Coffee

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Mike Colter Talks Luke Cage, Marvel's Defenders - and Having Coffee
The Luke Cage star discussed filming romantic scenes, fielded requests for pec touching, and explained how he likes his coffee.

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