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Toyota gets license to Microsoft's connected vehicle patents

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Microsoft said it will license all of its connected vehicle patents to Toyota in its most wide-ranging intellectual property agreement with an automaker.


LastPass fixes serious password leak vulnerabilities

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Developers of the popular LastPass password manager rushed to push out a fix to solve a serious vulnerability that could have allowed attackers to steal users' passwords or execute malicious code on their computers.
The vulnerability was discovered by Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy and was reported to LastPass on Monday. It affected the browser extensions installed by the service's users for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.
According to in the Google Project Zero bug tracker, the vulnerability could have given attackers access to internal commands inside the LastPass extension. Those are the commands used by the extension to copy passwords or fill in web forms using information stored in the user's secure vault.


Microsoft & Sony Will Eventually Release iPhone Like Hardware Upgrades Every Year Or So-Stardock CEO

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Would, then, Sony have been better advised to simply wait an extra year and release a more capable machine? When GamingBolt got the chance to talk to Brad Wardell, the CEO of Stardock, a company on the cutting edge known for pushing graphics and technology, they decided to ask him this question.


Windows 10 Creators Update could take months to roll out, data suggests

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Users waiting for Windows 10's Creators Update, which is , may need to be patient. Data released Wednesday by AdDuplex suggests that Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update took months to roll out to users after it was released last August, and the same pace could apply to the Creators Update. 
AdDuplex, which runs its own ad network and sniffs the platforms on which its ads deploy, said it took about 4 months for 80 percent of Microsoft’s user base to migrate to the Anniversary Update, once Microsoft started . Just a third of Windows users had received the update after two months, the firm found.


Myth busted: Vulkan's multi-GPU support isn't limited to Windows 10

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The whole appeal behind the next-gen Vulkan graphics API is that it’s wide-open and cross-platform. Vulkan offers many of the same “close to the metal” capabilities as Windows 10’s DirectX 12, but unlike Microsoft’s graphics tech, Vulkan also works on Linux, older versions of Windows, and even Android devices.
So when reports    that Vulkan’s multi-GPU support was limited to Windows 10 alone, it understandably raised a ruckus in PC-centric forums and subreddits across the web. That caused even more websites to cover the issue, which led to even more angst on forums, which led to… well, you get the idea.


Netflix debuts on Firefox for Linux, but not everyone's happy about it

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Firefox on Linux is now playing Netflix, but not everyone is happy about it.
The streaming video service recently announced that anyone running the latest version of Firefox on Linux can now stream Netflix videos. Previously, only Chrome on Linux worked with Netflix—and unofficially at that.
For several years, Netflix has been moving away from plugins like Microsoft’s Silverlight to HTML5 video on Windows and Mac. The idea was that HTML5 freed Netflix streaming from reliance on browser plugins and made it easier for users to get Netflix on their computers without taking any extra steps.
But Netflix and other companies looking to use HTML5 brought more to the open web standard than just user convenience. These companies also started pushing to standardize digital right management (DRM) as a part of HTML5, known as . Mozilla announced in August 2016 that .


Never Alone: Kisima Ingitchuna for Xbox One for $3

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Microsoft offers downloads of Never Alone: Kisima Ingitchuna for Xbox One for $3. That's $12 off and the lowest price we could find.


New Xbox One/PC Features, Including Custom Gamerpics, Coming Soon For Insiders

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Microsoft will test out new Xbox Live functionality ahead of its full release to the public.


Windows 10: DoubleAgent zero-day hijacks Microsoft tool to turn antivirus into malware

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Microsoft's Application Verifier tool can be used by attackers to grab control of antivirus software, researchers say.


Xbox Live Gold Deals Announced By Major Nelson Of Microsoft

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EA Sports recreations like "Madden NFL 17"Deluxe Edition have a retail tag of $50. Adding to the list "UFC 2 Deluxe Edition" is available to be purchased at $16.50.


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