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Speaker Ryan Visits Poland, Meets President Duda

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House Speaker Paul Ryan brought a message of solidarity to Poland's leaders on Friday, telling them that the United States supports NATO and shares Polish concerns about "Russian aggression." (April 21)

Florida senator who used racial slur resigns

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A Florida state senator who used a racial slur and vulgar language in a conversation with two African-American colleagues resigned Friday, saying the incident is causing a distraction to the legislative process.

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Bergamotene in tobacco plants: Alluring and lethal for manduca sexta moths

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Scientists describe a gene in Nicotiana attenuata which enables the plant to solve the dilemma that arises when a pollinator is also an herbivore. NaTPS38 regulates the production of (E)-alpha-bergamotene. At night, the tobacco flowers produce this volatile which is attractive to tobacco hawkmoths, during the day, the tobacco leaves emit the compound to lure predatory bugs to feed on the moths' larvae.


Michelangelo's Medici Chapel may contain hidden symbols of female anatomy

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Michelangelo often surreptitiously inserted pagan symbols into his works of art, many of them possibly associated with anatomical representations. A new analysis suggests that Michelangelo may have concealed symbols associated with female anatomy within his famous work in the Medici Chapel.

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Are Consoles Holding PC Gaming Back From Reaching Its Potential? Stardock CEO Answers That Question

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One of the most common refrain we hear from some fans of PC gaming is that PC gaming can never reach its true potential- consoles are holding PC gaming back, since they are a large market, and developers use them as a least common denominator, even when developing a game that will also be on PC. Console gaming, they lament, is holding PC gaming back.

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Senators seek data on Americans caught up in surveillance

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A Democratic privacy advocate and libertarian-minded Republican are asking the nation's top intelligence official to release formation about the communications of American citizens swept up in surveillance operations.


‘Judge sitting on an island’: Jeff Sessions dismisses Hawaii court’s travel ban ruling

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The attorney general’s seeming disdain for the 50th state in a Tuesday interview earned him a reproof from Hawaii’s senators.

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Florida State Senator Resigns After Using Racial Slur in Tirade

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In an expletive-filled rant this week, Frank Artiles, a Republican from Miami-Dade County, used a slur while speaking to black colleagues.

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At a ‘Unity’ Stop in Nebraska, Democrats Find Anything But

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At the center of the debate over the party’s future is Senator Bernie Sanders, who has emerged as the most popular active politician in America, but he isn’t even a Democrat.

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