Thursday, 25 May 2017
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Nepal PM Pushpa Kumar Dahal steps down

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Dahal's move may affect final phase of local elections set for June 14 even though his decision was somewhat expected.

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The tragedy of Everest's normal: 10 dead this season, so far

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Authorities in Nepal say four bodies have been found inside a tent at the highest camp on Mount Everest

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Nepal PM quits office ahead of local elections

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Dahal's move could affect final phase of local elections set for June 14 even though his decision was somewhat expected.


| Mount Everest is collapsing under our weight. Time to dump the bucket list | Philip Hoare

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The loss of Hillary Step lays the mountain open to more human destruction. We should remember we do not own these awesome places, no matter how many names we give them
It’s a scene from one of John Martin’s . Or a modern disaster movie. But this isn’t CGI. , as if under the collective weight of its explorers.
Or so it seems. Reports that the rocky outcrop Hillary Step, named after Sir Edmund Hillary, who first climbed the mountain , may have been destroyed during the Nepal earthquake of 2015 (although some Nepalese say it’s just been buried under snow), speak to our desire to extend our human dominion. Even the name signifies appropriation – our taxonomy of nature. Metaphorically, it seems, the Earth reacts.

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Lean-burn physiology gives Sherpas peak-performance

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Nepalese mountain guides have a physiology that uses oxygen more efficiently lowlanders.

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Everest's historic 'Hillary Step' has not collapsed

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Authorities in Nepal have denied reports that the famed "Hillary Step" on Mount Everest has collapsed, despite a veteran climber saying he saw it first hand during an ascent last week.

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Stockpiles of dead tiger and rhino body parts go up in smoke in Nepal

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More than 4,000 animal body parts were destroyed to discourage illegal wildlife hunting and trading.

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3 foreign climbers dead, 1 missing near top of Mount Everest

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KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — Three climbers have died on Mount Everest and another is missing in a busy and tragic weekend on the world's highest mountain, officials and expedition organizers said Monday.

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| Part of Mount Everest has collapsed, mountaineers confirm

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Destruction of Hillary Step, possibly during 2015 earthquake in Nepal, may make climbing mountain more dangerous
Mountaineers have confirmed that a famous rocky outcrop near the peak of Mount Everest has collapsed, potentially making the climb more dangerous.
The Hillary Step, named after , was the first person to climb the mountain in 1953, may have been destroyed during the .

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