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Rep. Nunes' charge of Trump team surveillance – why it's key

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A number of former top National Security Agency (NSA) officials were standing around Friday, chatting prior to an academic conference in Washington. Talk turned to the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (R) of California, whose panel has been investigating Russian interference in the US election, and his charge this week that President Trump’s transition team had been subject to surveillance by US intelligence. The charge, and the fact that Representative Nunes conveyed that information to Mr. Trump before making it available to his panel, caused a sensation after a drumbeat of testimony that there was no evidence to support Trump’s explosive accusation that he had been subjected to wiretapping at the direction of his predecessor, President Barack Obama.

Netanyahu's honeymoon with Trump ends abruptly

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Jerusalem (CNN)This was supposed to be Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's victory lap. After a combined 10 years leading the government, he finally had a Republican president in the White House, with a Republican House and Senate to boot. It should have been the perfect match for Netanyahu's right-wing coalition. The prime minister would be free of the condemnation of construction in West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements that became routine under former President Barack Obama, the right wing believed. President Donald Trump would allow Israel to build and build freely. Within 10 days of Trump's inauguration, Israel approved plans for more than 6,000 housing units in settlements...

Time magazine presses Trump on his slew of evidence-free and false claims

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President Trump says he doesn’t necessarily need facts before making such evidence-free claims as, say, former President Barack Obama’s wiretapping the phones at Trump Tower, because they’ve later been proved right. “I’m a very instinctual person,” Trump told Time magazine’s Michael Scherer in a phone interview from the Oval Office on Wednesday. The president offered a list things he says he “predicted” would happen, including Brexit, Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal, Bernie Sanders’ loss in the Democratic primary — even his false suggestion that a terror attack had occurred in Sweden the night before.

A look at the wiretap flap from Trump tweets to Capitol Hill

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WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump's startling allegation that former President Barack Obama tapped his phones during last year's election is pitting the White House against U.S. intelligence officials, sparking grave concern in law enforcement circles and alarming Democrats and Republicans alike.

Reversing Obama, Trump Approves Construction Of Keystone XL Pipeline

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Reversing a decision by former President Barack Obama, the Trump administration gave the go-ahead for construction to continue on the embattled Keystone XL pipeline Friday, a project that will eventually connect the tar sands in Canada to the Gulf Coast, US News reported. The U.S. State Department announced its approval after a review it reportedly “considered a range of factors, including but not limited to foreign policy; energy security; environmental, cultural, and economic impacts; and compliance with applicable law and policy," the department said in a statement, the report said. The deadline for its decision was March 27. State Department approval was required because the project by...

Trump Grants Permit for Keystone XL Pipeline

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TransCanada Corp. said on Friday the U.S. Department of State issued a presidential permit for the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline linking Canadian oil sands to U.S. refiners, a project blocked by former President Barack Obama.


State Department to approve Keystone pipeline permit on Friday: sources

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The U.S. State Department plans to approve on Friday the permit needed to proceed with construction of the Canada-to-United States Keystone XL oil pipeline, a project blocked by former President Barack Obama, according to two government sources familiar with the process.

Obama Defends Obamacare Law as Republicans Ready Repeal Vote

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Former President Barack Obama marked the seventh anniversary Thursday of his signing of the Affordable Care Act with a defense of the law's accomplishments as House Republicans prepare to vote on their own healthcare bill rolling back key pieces of the 2010 measure.

Police: Man stole presidential seals from Kennedy Center

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Police say a volunteer at the Kennedy Center stole two presidential seals, including one that was taken from then-President Barack Obama's seating area after his final Kennedy Center Honors.


Obama Praises His Health Care Law Ahead of GOP Vote

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Former president Barack Obama sang the praises of the Affordable Care Act just as Republicans in Congress prepared to dismantle his signature plan.

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