Thursday, 23 March 2017
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Biologists find surprising variability in courtship behaviors of wolf spiders

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Studies of wolf spiders found that courtship displays help preserve genetic isolation between closely related species. Another study found that the species Gladicosa bellamyi used multi-modal communication to entice females.

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Spider venom may offer stroke therapy

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Protein extracted from funnel webs may help minimise the effects of brain damage after a stroke.

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Hungry Spiders | Video

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Scientists have found that spiders take down 400 to 800 metric tons of prey a year, mostly insects and springtails.


Spiders Eat Up to 880 Million Tons of Insects Each Year

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Hug a spider. They eat up to 880 million tons of insects each year.

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Spiders, Blood And Roaches, Oh My, What Else Do Scientists Bring When They Fly?

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Sorry. No snakes on this list.


Spiders top the global predator charts

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The world's spiders consume between 400 million and 800 million tonnes of primarily insect prey every year, say scientists.


Spiders eat astronomical numbers of insects

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A new study reveals some stunning estimates about how much the world's spiders eat annually: between 400 and 800 million tons of insects and other invertebrates. These eight-legged carnivores play an important role to keep countless insect pests in check.

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