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The Digital Revolution of Media and How it Affects Gamers

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Sooner or later, EVERYTHING is going to go digital! Variety recently posted an article on their website that started an interesting discussion between the crew here at Digital Crack. The article spoke about the desire of six of the biggest movie studios to offer new-release movies for home viewing. This is not new.

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MIT researchers set out to create self-assembling chips

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One of the hottest topics in robotics is self-assembly, and any technique that requires no human intervention is of special interest.
The technology is also highly desirable for chips. Computing devices are shrinking thanks to smaller chips, which are reaching their physical limits.
Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Chicago have come up with a unique technique for self-assembling that could be used to cram more features onto small chip geometries.
The technology is one way to continue Moore's Law, which for more than 50 years has helped shrink and make computing devices cheaper. 
The research revolves around the self-assembly of wires on chips. The wires would  handle the biggest challenge in chip making. Instead of etching fine features onto silicon using existing methods, materials called block copolymers would expand and self assemble into predefined designs and structures.

From: www.pcworld.com

ARKeologists Podcast Eps 32: v256 Update and Should Servers be Wiped

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Should the servers be wiped has been most prevalent this week in the ARK community following the ban of members from a mega tribe and its allies over massive duping allegations. In addition, v256 is just around the corner and the crew speculates on the new features coming in and how they might impact the game for this week's episode of the ARKeologist's Podcast.

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LinkedIn Adds PointDrive To Sales Navigator For Better Content SharingLinkedIn Adds PointDrive To Sales Navigator For Better Content Sharing

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Sales Navigator, LinkedIn’s “system of engagement” for salespeople, gets a significant upgrade with PointDrive’s presentation capabilities and tighter integration to CRM systems like Salesforce.com's.

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3/19: Cruz, Mulvaney, Pelosi, Salvanto

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This week on "Face the Nation," host John Dickerson sits down with Sen. Ted Cruz and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and unveils a new CBS News NationTracker poll with Elections Director Anthony Salvanto.

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Ted Cruz says he won't vote for GOP health care bill as it stands

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Biggest problem with the GOP's proposal, Cruz told "Face the Nation," is that it doesn't solve the problem of rising premiums

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Sen. Ted Cruz: If new healthcare plan does not pass, will cause "political disaster for everyone"

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Sen. Ted Cruz, R - Texas, says President Trump knows healthcare reform is a "big fat negotiation." The Senator adds, "If we lower premiums, that's a victory for the American people."

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Ted Cruz says GOP health care bill won't pass Senate

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Biggest problem with the GOP's proposal, Cruz told "Face the Nation," is that it doesn't solve the problem of rising premiums

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Xbox One Deals: Get Titanfall 2, FFXV, and The Crew at Reduced Prices

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Head on over and pick up Titanfall 2 Deluxe Edition, Final Fantasy XV, and The Crew Ultimate Edition on sale now with our Amazon Xbox One deals.

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Mount Etna Eruption Triggers 'Violent Explosion,' 10 Injured

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A "violent explosion" triggered by boiling lava hitting snow on Sicily's Mount Etna injured 10 people, including scientists and a TV crew.

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