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12 Things More Likely to Kill You Than a Shark4 min read

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12 Things More Likely to Kill Than SharksShark Week, when fascinated viewers are told tales of vicious sharks inhabiting every ocean on the planet, is just around the corner. The stories of these murderous creatures, coupled with a few close-ups of their rows of sharp teeth, have incited paranoia ever since the first bloodthirsty beast in Jaws. In fact, 51 percent of ...]

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Teen Fatally Shot by Police Who Were Aiming at Attacking Dog

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The 17-year-old, who had helped to restrain the dog after the first bite, died at a hospital an hour later.


How High-School Popularity Follows You Into Adulthood

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Your social status as a teen can shape the way you see the world long after graduation.

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Titans NO! 15 UNFORGIVABLE Things A Teen Titan Has Done

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Titans NO! 15 UNFORGIVABLE Things A Teen Titan Has Done
Sometimes Titans make mistakes. CBR takes a look at 15 of those moments they wish they could take back.

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JAY-Z: 'Social justice is a collective fight'

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The rapper has teamed up with Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein on two poignant civil rights documentaries about slain black teens.


Man's 'hopelessly romantic' advert for a wife has Tinder users falling in love with him - 150 years later

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With his own farm, a good set of teeth and two heifers, this man is a total catch

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Why Didn’t We Look Back in Armor?

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Why Didn't We Look Back in Armor?
In their latest look at never-published comic book stories, CSBG examines a comic that was to explain the whole 'Where did Teen Tony Stark go?" deal.

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Why The Spider-Man: Sequel’s Marvel Co-Star Should Be a Teen Hero

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Why The Spider-Man: Sequel's Marvel Co-Star Should Be a Teen Hero
With Tony Stark out of the picture, the Spider-Man sequel's best move is to introduce one of Marvel's teen heroes for Peter Parker to relate to and help mentor.

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Jordyn Woods Just Stood Up for Gap Teeth Everywhere

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The model and Instagram star clapped back at people criticizing her gap teeth, with a stand we can get behind (and, of course, a great selfie).

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