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Estimating the glass transition temperature for polymers in 'confined geometries'

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Polystyrene has a glass transition temperature of about 100 C -- at room temperature it behaves like a solid material. But as its temperature approaches the glass transition temperature, polystyrene’s mechanical properties change drastically. This makes the ability to approximate glass transitions for confined geometries in polymers highly desirable. And now, as researchers report that they’ve developed a simple formula to do just that.

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Survival of the Great Barrier Reef Depends on Halting Warming |Video

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After record temperatures and massive bleaching in 2016, scientists fear that the Great Barrier Reef has again experienced deadly coral bleaching. Researchers warn that the only way to save the Reef is to stop global warming.


Rare-earths become water-repellent only as they age

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Surfaces that have been coated with rare earth oxides develop water-repelling properties only after contact with air. Even at room temperature, chemical reactions begin with hydrocarbons in the air. Researchers report that it is these reactions that are responsible for the hydrophobic effect.

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Growing global temperatures could be contributing to rising diabetic numbers

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Rising temperatures across the world may be playing a part in the growing numbers of people developing diabetes, suggests research published online in the journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care.


Is Climate Change Linked to Higher Diabetes Rates?

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Are rising temperatures around the world also increasing the rates of diabetes?


SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs - "An Extra Spring in SPC's Step" Edition

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Phil writes, "It's officially the first day of spring here in Central City! The temperatures will get warmer, the flowers will begin blooming, and the skies will shine brighter. Oh, and SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs are only going to get better! Okay, maybe they'll stay as awesome as they were before. I don't want to over-promise here! This first day of spring edition of SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs begins with a upbeat city theme from the new batch of Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Moon. Then, we kick it up with some hard rock from Hyrule Warriors. Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride soon follows with a delightful town theme, and 7th Dragon III: Code VFD and The Last Remnant close this edition with equally intense battle themes! And you know the drill by now, but even if you don't-- just click on the VGM volume name to hear its song, as well as look at the VGM Database for all past VGM volumes. Now, let's get on to the music!"


Ryzen rumors: Perception vs. reality with AMD's new CPU

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With the Ryzen 7 launch just two weeks old and Ryzen 5 nearly upon us, AMD’s comeback CPUs are generating as much controversy, confusion, and misinformation as they are excitement. We're cutting through the chatter to give you the real answers about AMD’s new CPU.Perception: Ryzen runs hot Reality: Not true
Despite really low thermal design power (TDP) ratings, Ryzen chips have oddly been labeled as running hot. The problem seems to relate to how utilities are reading the new chips' on-die sensors. AMD, in fact, just disclosed that certain CPUs feature offsets that make it look like they're running hot.
“In the short term, users of the AMD Ryzen 1700X and 1800X can simply subtract 20°C to determine the true junction temperature of their processor. No arithmetic is required for the Ryzen 7 1700. Long term, we expect temperature monitoring software to better understand our tCTL offsets to report the junction temperature automatically,” the company wrote in a .


Is there a link between climate change and diabetes?

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Scientists have long warned that rising global temperatures may impact public health in a devastating way because climate change is associated with deadly weather events, the spread of infectious diseases and even food shortages.


Scotch Thermal Laminator for $20 + pickup at Walmart

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Walmart offers the Scotch Thermal Laminator, model TL902MIR, for $19.97. Opt for in-store pickup to dodge the $5.99 shipping charge. That's $8 under the lowest total price we could find for a similar item. It features a two-roller system and two temperature settings.


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