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Obamacare replacement bill takes center stage in U.S. Senate

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A seven-year push by U.S. Republicans to dismantle Obamacare and kill the taxes it imposed on the wealthy will reach a critical juncture on Thursday when Senate Republican leaders unveil a draft bill they aim to put to a vote, possibly as early as next week. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his lieutenants have worked in secret for weeks on the bill, which is expected to curb Obamacare's expanded Medicaid help for the poor and reshape subsidies to low-income people for private insurance. The subsidies are expected to be linked to recipients' income in the Senate bill, a "major improvement" from a measure approved last month by the U.S. House of Representatives that tied them solely to age, Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine said.

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Can Hair Dye and Chemical Relaxers Cause Breast Cancer?

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A new study conducted by Rutgers School of Public Health found a connection between hair dye and relaxer usage and an increased chance of developing breast cancer. The results show that way these products affect you has a lot to do with your race. The study found that African-American women who used dark brown or black hair dyes saw a 51 percent increased risk of developing breast cancer. These products also led to a 72 percent increase specifically in estrogen-positive ...

Sony puts on real PS 5 instead of console revolution

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A clear refusal to Playstation evolution on a smartphone model, as well as statements on lace games and the casual market: spoke with Shawn Layden, the head of the North American Playstation division of Sony .


Civilian killed at funeral for slain Kashmir rebels: police

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A civilian was killed and several wounded Thursday in Indian-administered Kashmir when security forces opened fire on a crowd gathered for the funeral of three rebels slain overnight in clashes with soldiers, police said. Thousands of villagers poured onto the streets for the funeral, chanting slogans against Indian rule and pelting stones at soldiers who responded with bullets and pellet fire, a police officer said. S. P. Vaid, director general of police for the territory, confirmed a protester was killed in the exchange.

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Exclusive: U.S. list to drop Iraq, Myanmar as worst offenders on child soldiers

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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson plans to remove Iraq and Myanmar from a U.S. list of the world's worst offenders in the use of child soldiers, U.S. officials said, a step that could prompt accusations the Trump administration is prioritizing security and diplomatic interests ahead of human rights.


Ahmad Musa Jabril: Radical US preacher beyond FBI's reach

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His sermons on jihad are popular with extremists - and they're protected by the First Amendment.

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Iran Holds National Rallies Against Israel and Islamic State on Quds Day

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Thousands of Iranians marched in nationwide Quds Day rallies on Friday while chanting "Death to Israel" and burning flags of Isreal, the U.S., and the Islamic State militant group after they claimed responsibility for attacks in Tehran this month, according to Reuters. Iranian state media said millions turned out for the rallies marking Al-Quds Day that was first declared by Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini that's held on the last Friday of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. Opposing the state of Israel is a cornerstone of belief for Shi'ite-led Iran, which supports Palestinian and Lebanese Islamic militant groups opposed to peace with the Jewish state,...

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Funding for early warning earthquake system in jeopardy

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The system, which was set to launch next year, still needs nearly a thousand more seismic sensors across the West

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T-Mobile is having network problems across the country

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T-Mobile users across the country have woken up to widespread network outages. According to reports on the Down Detector and Twitter, thousands of users are having problems getting any data connectivity, even if a cell signal is still showing.
The Down Detector map shows reports across the country, with a concentration on the East Coast. It could be a problem with a regional data center, or a nationwide problem that isn't being reported yet on the West Coast, thanks to the time difference.

Update: T-Mobile has stated that the issue is now resolved
T-Mobile has not publicly issued a statement yet, but on the official @TMobile Twitter page, saying that they're looking into the issue.
Some users say that turning LTE off can get data service working on 3G, but that's a temporary fix at best. For the time being, staying on Wi-Fi and turning your device on and off every hour or two is likely the best solution.
Assuming that the outage is related to a software issue in T-Mobile's network, you can assume that a fix is being worked on at speed. Turning your device on and off forces it to re-register on the local cell tower, which means you'll get connectivity back as soon as the problem is resolved on T-Mobile's end.

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